DITA-SEMIA – DITA Semantic Information Architecture

DITA-SEMIA is a set of open-source tools that support information architects creating specialized, semantic DITA frameworks.

DITA-SEMIA’s plugins integrate well with the <oXygen/> XML editor and DITA-OT to support both authoring and publishing.

You can download and use all or individual parts of it for free according to the Apache License 2.0.

DITA-SEMIA is a joint development by GDV DL and parson.

Are you using a specialized DITA framework for your documentation? SEMIA can help you and your authors with the following tasks:

The idea of DITA-SEMIA has originally been inspired by integrated development environments like Eclipse and MS Visual Studio: The strong support that these tools provide for writing source code should be available for writing software specification and documentation as well. That includes content completion, automatic validation with quick fixes, online help and refactoring tools.
However, the resulting features of DITA-SEMIA can be used for other document types not related to software as well.

Sample Use Cases

The following examples illustrate DITA-SEMIA use cases:

Development Status

Currently GDV DL writes their software specifications and manuals using DITA-SEMIA as part of a DITA derived custom framework. To integrate DITA-SEMIA into DITA-OT and to make it available as an open-source toolset the DITA-SEMIA components are iteratively extracted into separate github repositories.


DITA-SEMIA is licensed for use under the Apache License 2.0. You can find a copy of the Apache License 2.0 in the root directory of each repository.


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Special Thanks...

... to et-technologies for providing an open source license of Java profiler.